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Time Management CourseIn the context of a work environment, have you ever heard anyone say “I have too much time?” Frankly, time management is one of the greatest challenges that we must master to achieve our goals and objectives. In the work environment today, we are overloaded and there is no chance of things becoming more relaxed. A recent survey by Graham and Crossen described it as “busy to the level of discomfort.”  According to the survey, 70 percent of the participants indicated that managing their time is more of a problem than managing their money.

Today, associates work longer hours despite all of the new technology. A Wall Street Journal article, Markets (1996), reported that “with the advent of e-mail, faxes, voice mail, overnight packets and conventional mail, the average associate sends and receives an average of 178 messages each day.”

The “lean and mean” work environment has forced managers to become responsible for more associates, doing more with less, which adds even more time pressure. Another facet of time pressure is that you can now be reached by pager, voice mail, fax or e-mail on a “24/7” basis.

Managers and team leaders must now share assistants with others, or have no assistant at all. This may require you to do your own administrative support. Today, work is more often than not accomplished through a team approach that requires even more planning, coordination and meetings. The Time Management module examines the important factors and offers techniques to help you regain control of your most precious commodity, time.

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