Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement Course

Business Process Improvement, in our view, is an extension of customer service. Your processes must be efficient and effective to deliver the best possible customer service.  Typically, we perform our functions as they have been historically performed. In other words, we continue to perform the job in the tried-and-true way. We may also be operating under the axiom, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” One thing is certain, if you have even one customer complaint, there is an opportunity to improve your processes.

Process improvements do not have to be huge to create improvements in customer satisfaction, lower costs or increased profits. The working definition of a process improvement is a series of ongoing, incremental adjustments to a process that allows you to meet your customer’s requirements. Benefits are derived from making these process improvements a continuous part of the job. If we adopt this proactive approach, the improvements can be scheduled to fit the needs of the business and are not reactionary.

Your internal and external customers expect the best. Therefore, any process improvements must involve them as stakeholders to define the basis of the customer’s unhappiness. Improved work processes will help you to increase the satisfaction and loyalty or your customers and increase the job satisfaction and retention of associates and team members.  The organization also benefits from improved effectiveness and productivity.

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