performance_managementPerformance Management is a phase of overall management that has been and continues to be misconstrued. Performance management has a negative connotation because it is frequently associated with pointing out mistakes, granting or withholding salary increases, promotions and documenting reason to fire someone. These situations occur in the ordinary course of leading a team in an organization.

Let’s look at performance from another perspective. Have you ever hired a candidate and later wondered why he or she was not successful? This happens often for a variety of reasons. At least one of those reasons could be that the candidate possessed excellent skills, but they happen to be different from the skills that you needed or required for the job. Although an honest mistake, this is costly and inefficient in organizations and counterproductive for the candidate or new hire.

Performance management begins with the job analysis that serves as the foundation for the job description. Let’s assume that an accurate job analysis was completed and an appropriate job description was developed. Now, get ready for the interview. What happens if the interviewer does not design the interview questions to elicit the applicant’s experience or ability to fulfill the competencies of the position?  The candidate may actually have the experience you are seeking. Another question has to be whether or not the candidate succeeded in an environment similar to yours. Suppose that the candidate came from a command and control environment and you have a self-directed team environment.

In this scenario, the question is adaptability and flexibility. Can this candidate duplicate his success in your self-directed team environment? Of course, the answer is unknown at this point. This is only one area that must be covered. There could be others.

In this module, I will treat performance management as an integral part of the overall staff and team development process. This rationale encompasses associate motivation, coaching, feedback and progressive discipline as a last resort.

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