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Interviewing Skills Course
Interviewing skills are very important in any business or professional environment. Most team leaders will find that a part of their responsibilities is to be involved in the hiring process for their organizations. Although this module focuses on the hiring process, these interviewing skills and techniques can be used in a broader context. One of the foundational concepts that is used in each of our training modules is clarity. Why do we raise the issue of clarity?

The answer is simply that if you are not crystal clear about what you are trying to accomplish, you decrease your chances of success in the particular endeavor. Brian Tracy’s Law of Clarity states that, “The clearer you are about your goals and objectives, the more efficient and effective you will be in achieving them.”

Although this module is titled Interviewing Skills Course, that skill is only one part of a much larger process. The larger and more important context is called staffing. Staffing is the entire process of hiring the right number and mix of qualified people into your organization at the right time and at the right cost.

The six components of the staffing process are gap analysis, job descriptions, recruiting, testing, interviewing and hiring. Each component of the staffing process must be understood and executed with clarity to effectively accomplish the organizational goals.

These six components are examined in sufficient detail to provide the necessary context for effective interviewing. The Staffing Model™ illustrates the six processes and provides a brief definition of each component. This module is organized in accordance with the Staffing Model™.

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