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Effective Decision Making CourseAll of us have made bad decisions at some point in our personal or professional lives. These decisions may not have been monumental and may have had little or no impact on any aspect of your life. On the other hand, in the case of a bad decision, what would have been the impact of a critical decision that created an impact throughout your life, department or organization?

There is a way to avoid this potential problem. You should implement an effective decision making process instead of relying on feeling or intuition. This module discusses and recommends the Effective Decision Model™ to improve your decision processes.

On any given day, you make a number of large and small decisions that affect your life, department, team or organization. When decision making is addressed as a management skill, the reaction is that only highly technical and intricate decisions require a structured approach. However, the use of the Effective Decision Model™ can benefit you and help you to improve the quality of all your decisions.

We do not suggest that every minor decision requires a strenuous and documented process. When you use the Effective Decision Model™ you make the judgment as to how detailed the decision process must be. We realize that some decisions can take minutes, days, or months depending on the complexity of the issue. Depending on the scope of the decision, it may not be necessary to use every step in the process. You can select the steps that will lead to an effective decision and use only those steps.

The desired result is clarity about the decision that must be made. To achieve this result you must consider the relevant information and get the needed support of your team or organization to make the decision work.

The Effective Decision Model™ features 5 steps and the required actions to help you achieve each step. By using this model, you will achieve the overall result of a systematic process for making a choice and a balance between the benefits and the risks.

Effective Decision Making Manual(PDF)- Build skills or train staff. $19.95.

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