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Targeted Customer Service

Have you ever called a customer service or technical support hot line for cable or satellite TV, internet, computer or software problems? If you have, you will probably recognize at least some of what I describe. One of the more

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Conflict Resolution by POLITICS

All of us have been in conflict situations where we were suspicious of certain actions as motivated by “politics.” An interesting take on “politics” is that there has been some research that concluded that politics could be helpful, at times.

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MORE Stories = BETTER Presentations

Why are stories so powerful? Neuroscientists have learned significantly more about persuasion through brain scans and data-driven studies. They believe that they know how and why stories are very effective in the art of persuasion. They know what works and

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How To Spend Your Time … EVALUATE!

A few days ago, I reviewed a saved article that was written by Josh Patrick of Stage 2 Planning Partners. This article encouraged me to think about the entire philosophy surrounding time management. In much of my own experience and

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Making Good People Quit!

Here is the biggest understatement of all time: “If you want your best people to stay, you need to think carefully about how you treat them.” This is a quote from an article that Dr. Travis Bradberry contributed to the

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performance reviews …or Performance Coaching

I am going to go “out on a limb” and say that one of the most dreaded duties of most team leaders are performance reviews. I will go out on an even longer and higher limb and say that most

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Negotiate … like a PRO!

It makes sense to examine some of the reasons that some of us may be afraid to negotiate. Some of the reasons are that it makes us feel uncomfortable or that we may be reluctant to ask for what we

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