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Warren Buffett Says …

I reviewed an article that was written by Stephen Lynch, wherein he shared some significant thoughts from Warren Buffett. The subject matter revolved around goal setting, prioritization and performance. Here is my take. Stephen made the following points: A long

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Could it be a Lack of Motivation?

Everyone or every team has probably experienced a period of lower than average or expected performance. In sports, a slump is a period where a player or team is not performing well or up to expectations. Even our car may,

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Leading the Right Way … by influence

Leading is getting others to follow. You can use authority or influence. The concept of influencing others will require you to evaluate your ideas about power. Today’s workforce want team leaders who are willing to lead, not just manage. The

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Misleading and Misguided Job Descriptions … or BS?

Tell the truth! Do job descriptions really help you to hire the right candidates? I pose this question, because during my career, I made it a habit to visit with the “hiring manager” to review the job description before beginning

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Improve Decision-Making Skills

Successful team leaders must make sound decisions. Some will say that effective decision-making is a talent, and others will say that it is a skill set that can be learned and improved. Also, problem solving and decision make are related.

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