Do you Interface with Customers … or clients?

Customer Problem ResolvedYou have probably read books, articles, attended seminars about providing excellent customer service. You can recite all of the buzz words and phrases such as “delight the customer, ” wow the customer,” ”customers are our number one priority.” Here is the problem: Buzz words and phrases do not actually accomplish anything.

A body of research suggests that exceeding customer expectations offers no more value than simply meeting expectations. That body of research seems to show that customers simply want to have an easy experience when they encounter your organization. Perhaps the next buzzword or phrase will be “just make it easy for the customer.”

The trend seems to be shifting toward self-service. They want their needs met immediately as intuitively and without having to jump through a series of hoops to do business with your organization. Research also shows that when a customer attempts to solve a problem through self-service, but has to be redirected to fill out a form, submit a support ticket, call someone else, they are likely to be dissatisfied.

Ten (10) Suggestions:

  1. Reduce the number of steps the customer needs to take when using your product or service
  2. Provide simple, easy to find and complete answers to questions
  3. Group relevant information in an intuitive manner
  4. Use the language of the customer rather than company jargon
  5. Make it easy for customer to search for and find answers to their questions
  6. Try to anticipate the next problem that the customer may encounter
  7. Eliminate obstacles so they can resolve their issues rapidly
  8. Focus on eliminating reasons why customer would consider abandoning you or your services
  9. Recognize that customers want to move on to other endeavors and not spend time jumping through your hoops
  10. Ask your team to brainstorm five (5) ways to make it easier for your customers that are within your authority to implement

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