We Need To Make a Few Changes Around Here!

Change Management CourseYou have probably said this, or at the very least, had this thought.

Forbes Magazine published an article by Victor Lipman, entitled, Why Does Organizational Change Usually Fail. The article summarized a new study by Robert Half Management Resources. The conclusions did not blame a faulty strategy, untalented executives or insufficient funding. It blames ineffective communication.

If you are planning to make some changes this year, here are some tips that can be employed, as appropriate for the level, breadth and magnitude of the effort:

Ensure that you have the support of senior management with the CEO playing a visible and involved role. This avoids misunderstandings between leadership and team members.

Design and implement clear, frequent an open communications that provide opportunities for questions and answers.

Communicate before the project starts, so that team members understand the background and strategic reasons and rationale for the changes.

Provide meaningful and timely updates during the change implementation so that team members understand why some confusion or dislocation may happen.

After the change effort is completed, conduct a communication session to share the findings and successes with team members and why it was important.

The communicating efforts should be scaled to the level, size and complexity of the effort.

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