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Improve the Effectiveness of Your Process … and team!

There is an important question to consider when we emphasize efficiency or effectiveness. The question is: What is more important, doing things right (efficiently) or doing the right things (effectiveness)? Achieving efficiency is great, but we must be mindful of

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Interview Completed … now it’s your turn

Let’s approach this situation as if you have sought and obtained an interview for either a job change or a promotion within your present organization. You have carefully detailed your qualifications, experience and objectives. Now, the interviewer asks, “Do you

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We Need To Make a Few Changes Around Here!

You have probably said this, or at the very least, had this thought. Forbes Magazine published an article by Victor Lipman, entitled, Why Does Organizational Change Usually Fail. The article summarized a new study by Robert Half Management Resources. The conclusions

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A Winning Strategy … for 2017

I believe that it is wise to access your career situation at the beginning of every year. The primary rationale for this is to develop what is called a SWOT analysis. This acronym means a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats

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