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Work Life BalanceAimee Picchi contributed an article to CBS Money Watch entitled, 9 jobs with top work-life balance. The article focused on jobs with work-life balance. The research focused on a survey by Glassdoor. The work-life balance index was rated from 1 to 5 with 5 being best. Of course, work-life balance means different things to different people.

Below, I will summarize the median salary, survey rating and number of jobs listed with Glassdoor, but you can read the original article here.

  1. DevOps EngineerMedian salary of $110,000, Rating 4.0, and 1,500 available jobs.
  2. Mobile DevelopersMedian salary of $101,318, Rating 4.0 and 2,074 available jobs.
  3. Technical Account ManagersMedian salary of $75,000, Rating 4.0 and 1,035 available jobs.
  4. Recruiting Coordinator – Median salary of $48,000, Rating 4.0 and 604 available jobs.
  5. UI Designers – Median salary of $84,500, Rating 4.0 and 615 available jobs.
  6. Strategy Managers – Median salary of $110,487, Rating 4.0 and 595 available jobs.
  7. Data Scientists – Median salary of $112,000, Rating 4.0 and 2,106 available jobs.
  8. UX designers – Median salary of $95,000, Rating 4.1 and 1,139 available jobs.
  9. Corporate Recruiter – Median salary of $65,000, Rating 4.1 and 1,269 available jobs.

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