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Is NO … a no-no?

YES! If possible, it is worth the effort to redirect a customer rather than saying NO. Customers sometimes become angry when they hear the word “NO,” and may act out. If the remedy to their concerns are not directly under

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Top Secret Approach to Conflict Resolution

If negotiation is the open approach to conflict resolution, politics is the secret approach. Politics is an organizational process affecting authority, status and the management of influence to attain ends not sanctioned by the organization or to attain sanctioned ends

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Self Confidence … build it!

Lolly Daskal contributed an article to Inc. Magazine entitled, 12 Destructive Habits You Need to Stop Right Now. The points that she makes is that we sometimes unintentionally do things that destroy our own confidence and success. Under the rubric

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Don’t Let Body Language Sabotage You!

Dr. Travis Bradberry contributed an article to the Huffington Post entitled, 15 Body Language Secrets of Successful People, and asserts that our bodies have a language of their own, and their words aren’t always kind. The perspective of this article

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Rethinking Performance Management

Team leaders could make the performance feedback process one of their most effective tools. During my career as an HR Director, I could always elicit a groan from almost any of our managers by introducing one topic: Performance Appraisal. As

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What is a B.S. degree worth?

Aimee Picchi contributed an article to CBS Money Watch entitled, The top-paying and lowest-paying college majors.  I believe that this information is relevant because, some professionals or family members may be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree. Due to the high cost

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Work-Life Balance … and good pay!

Aimee Picchi contributed an article to CBS Money Watch entitled, 9 jobs with top work-life balance. The article focused on jobs with work-life balance. The research focused on a survey by Glassdoor. The work-life balance index was rated from 1

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