Highest-paying Jobs for Women

Get RichRachel Gillett contributed an article to the Business Insider entitled, The 20 Highest–paying Jobs for Women. She concludes that some of the highest-paying jobs for women are in healthcare.

Also, her research shows that there are some fields where women not only make up a high percentage of the workforce, but they earn competitive pay doing it. An organization known as PayScale recently reviewed occupations with the highest median pay for women with five to eight years of experience. The intent was to highlight jobs frequently populated by women and where they comprised at least 40% of the incumbents. Many well-paying healthcare occupations have high concentrations of women. For example, over 90% of Nurse Practitioners and nearly half of the general physicians are women.

I am listing the top five (5) and the bottom three (3) from the highest to the lowest median salary. However, you should read the original article here.

  1. General Practice PhysicianThe job is to diagnose and assist patients with routine checkups and examinations. The incumbent population is 49% women with a Median salary of $173,000.
  2. General pediatricianThe job is to specialize in the care of infants, children, and adolescents. The incumbent population is 74% women with a Median salary of $152,000.
  3. Vice president of marketingThe job is to determine strategies to improve or maintain the market-shares for the goods or services sold. The incumbent population is 49% women with a Median salary of $123,000.
  4. Pharmacist – The job is to dispense drugs to patients and offer expertise in the safe use of prescriptions. The incumbent population is 55% women with a Median salary of $119,000.
  5. Corporate counselThe job is to work with sales, marketing, and operations by offering appropriate legal and non-legal advice. The incumbent population is 47% women with a Median salary of $115,000.

  1. Senior Operations Project Manager The job is to fulfill important oversight positions for large firms or companies. The incumbent population is 42% women with a Median salary of $91,700.
  2. User Experience Researcher investigate ways to improve the end-user interaction with computer programs to increase satisfaction, brand loyalty, and overall use. The incumbent population is 65% women with a Median salary of $90,400.
  3. Category ManagerThe job is to determine the layout of products in a store. The incumbent population is 42% women with a Median salary of $90,400.

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