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Biased Decisions … what about yours?

Samantha Lee and Shana Lebowitz contributed an article to the Business Insider, entitled “20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions.” You may wonder if you have made any decisions that may be included in their thesis.” Before we dive

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Horrible Customer Service … the epitome!

I was researching some notes for a talk on customer service and during that process, I discovered an article that had been written for CBS MoneyWatch in 2012. The story was about an airline that refused a dying veteran a

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Kick Your Motivation … up a step!

Richard Harroch contributed an article to entitled, 25 Motivational Quotes to Get You Excited for the Week Ahead. Most of us have probably used one or more of the techniques as suggested by Richard. Before we dig into the

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Interpersonal Conflicts

One of the constant dynamics in professional or business situations is the presence of some level of interpersonal conflicts. The problem is that, a team leader cannot change a person’s personality or basic values. These fundamental traits and deep-seated beliefs

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Listen Here!

OK, you may or may not be a jazz fan as I am. But, Eddie Harris recorded a tune entitled, Listen Here. What I would like to suggest is that, there are several ways to effectively make your points in

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Helping Teams Improve

It is important to share with team members when they could have done something more effectively. This includes what they could have done instead, and why the alternative would have been better. Feedback structured in this fashion helps the team

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