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Tune-up Your Resume

Jacquelyn Smith, Rachel Gillett and Natalie Walters contributed an article to The Business Insider entitled, 29 Things You Should Never Include on Your Résumé. Hiring managers usually receive a large number of resumes and each requires a large investment of

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A leadership Master Class … on 1 Page!

Three or four years ago, I began assembling some management tips for a future presentation. At some point during the process, the topic changed and I simply filed those notes away. I am certain that some of the tips were

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Job Descriptions … 3 missing skills!

Being successful in our careers is a normal and natural expectation. All of us agree that the opportunity to succeed in our career or position requires a combination of technical skills and soft skills. Irrespective of your industry or position soft

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Decision-Making … with less anxiety!

The more important a matter is, the more concerned we are about making the correct decision. In a proportionate way, we want all decisions to be effective, swift and efficient. Another facet of decision making is that in an organizational

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Conflict Resolution Skills … Your Secret Weapon!

Well, it could be! If you are a team leader, you have probably had the opportunity to receive some leadership training. That training should minimally have consisted of communication skills, ethical and legal skills or performance management training. These are,

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Is Eye Contact Overrated?

I reviewed a study that was published in Psychological Science, entitled, In the Eye of the Beholder: Eye Contact Increases Resistance to Persuasion.  This study suggests that eye contact may not be as important as we have come to accept as

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You’ve got to know when to … COUNSEL THEM!

You really have to know when to coach them or counsel your team members. Many organizations tie individual goals to customer expectations. There is mounting evidence that team members are more likely to meet their performance standards if they are

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