Is IT Changing … in your organization?

Career DevelopmentErin Carson wrote an article for TechRepublic entitled, How the 5 Hottest New Tech Jobs are Changing IT. Erin attributes these changes to the increased usage of the cloud, mobility, and big data. Mark Myers, of Datalink, says that IT and business need to be on the same page. He says that five (5) roles in particular are shifting in the direction of cloud, mobile and big data. The implied warning is that IT is changing directions toward becoming service providers, and may eventually have to compete, in some ways, for their jobs.

Here are five (5) job titles (or functions) that are coming to the forefront and will transform IT departments. If you wish, you can read the original article here.

  1. Business Analyst – Although the roles differ between companies, the traditional definition includes bridging the gap between business people and IT. Analysts have always played a role, but have not sufficiently understood the business to drive what IT should be doing to meet and drive the business. Going forward, the success keys are to build successful relationships with customers, operations and the supply chain.
  2. Infrastructure Architect – This job function is to figure out which technologies are needed and determine how to deploy them to deliver the product or service that is the organization’s business. A second responsibility or function is to be able to translate the equipment requirements to the Business Analyst to facilitate acquisition of the necessary equipment and software to fulfill the operations and sales requirements of the business. The way that the role is evolving, it may not be made obsolete by the cloud because you need Infrastructure Architects, even if you don’t own any of your hardware.
  3. IT ProgrammerIT does need its own programmers to write the APIs, the automation, and bring all the components together. The infrastructure team will need a team of IT people, who actually understand how to program the infrastructure. The experience background must include those who understand and can program the IT infrastructure from a service delivery point of view.
  4. IT Generalist – Previously, IT had three major responsibilities; storage, service, and the network. An IT Generalist can understand each of the three areas and work closely with the IT Architect and specialists to make the systems function as desired. This is similar to the Business Analyst because the primary function is to connect the dots, fill in the gaps and ensure that the different technologies solutions work together flawlessly.
  5. Applications Liaison – Network devices and applications have become more programmable. The Applications Liaison understands IT infrastructure and works with the applications development team to help them leverage all of the new technology that they can effectively utilize.


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