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Hiring and InterviewingOne of the best reasons for hiring interns is that it helps your organization to develop a talent pipeline. With the summer intern season coming up soon, now is the perfect time to review your organizational process and make the changes that you will implement this summer.

Since the intern recruitment process can be a valuable opportunity for the employers as well, now could be a good time to increase your leverage with local tech schools, colleges and universities. For example, if last year you simply sent over a job posting notification, you may decide to simply deliver the job posting in person. This gives you an opportunity to network with the placement staff and “up your game.”

This may also help you to reach out directly to specific departments to help recruit students with a skill set specific to your industry. Participation in career fairs could also establish deeper relationships with tech schools, colleges and universities in your area.

Every organization has certain projects that they would love to tackle, but just can’t seem to find the time to do with their existing workforce. Interns can be a perfect way to help jump-start these projects.

As a part of the preparation process, it would be beneficial to review your future projects so that you can consider where an intern could be appropriately assigned. The end result should be that the intern learns some valuable skills and you achieve completion or progress on the chosen projects. Although the interns may not have significant practical experience, a fresh and up-to-date academic background could be a further asset to the organization.

It may even be possible to attract the same intern for a second year which could provide some continuity on a particular project. The continuity could also reduce the resources required to get the intern up-to-speed and increase their productivity. One big advantage is that they will not be encumbered with the day-to-day distractions, with which the regular team members must cope.

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