What Makes A Great Workplace?

LeadershipNorthCoast 99 is an organization located in Northeast Ohio. For 15 years they have conducted a survey to identify what makes a great workplace. The 2015 survey recognizes great workplaces that excel at the attraction, retention, and motivation of top performers.

Their Report contains information on best practices, benchmark data, stories and examples, and case studies. ERC, one of the participating companies published an article entitled, 15 Attributes of a Great Workplace. Ten (10) of these attributes resonated with me, but you can read the original article here.

Here is my Top 10: All are prefixed by “Great workplaces… “

1. Understand the importance of interesting and challenging work.
2. Offer competitive and fair compensation, above-average pay increases, and opportunities to earn incentive compensation.
3. Invest in training-development, make time for learning and support it by paying for employees to participate.
4. Are flexible toward employees’ work/life needs and encourage work/life balance.
5. Involve and empower employees by listening to their input, involving them in moving the organization forward, and giving them opportunities to lead initiatives, collaborate with one another, and participate in decision-making.
6. Encourage leaders to frequently share information about the organization’s performance, its financials, the vision and direction of the organization, and other critical information and updates at great workplaces.
7. Led by exceptional and inspiring leaders whose style is characterized by mutual respect, trust, honesty and support.
8. Innovative and hold themselves to high standards to deliver exceptional customer service and quality.
9. Hire the best, define the talent they need, strategically recruit it, and put into place selection practices that identify top performers, as well as effective on-boarding practices.
10. Formulate a unique culture that can be described as fun, congenial, collaborative, positive, passionate, and creative.

There is no magic formula for achieving a great workplace, and these are just some common attributes that the survey identified.

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