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Customer Service .. with a happy face!

Michael Hess contributed a story to CBS MoneyWatch entitled, If you do something for a customer, do it happily. In his post, he recounted his displeasure in dealing with a major national wireless carrier that has a history of providing

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Team Conflict … your intervention!

If you are a team leader, you may have to intervene in team conflicts. One of the thorniest situations is when the conflict has personal implications. These issues may include complaints about someone who is not doing their share of

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The Art of Listening … ACTIVELY!

Margaret Heffernan contributed an article to entitled, Have you mastered the art of listening? She asserts that, many people in the business world take training classes in the art public speaking presentation skills and how to chair a meeting.

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Ticked Off at Work? … ask these questions … BEFORE you quit!

Ceren Cubukcu contributed an article to the Personal Branding Blog entitled, Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job. Everyone has had moments of being fed up with their jobs at some point in their lives. Big question: Are you

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6 Influencing Styles … and considerations!

The current professional environment demands team leaders who are willing to lead, not just manage. Today, team leaders must clearly communicate a shared vision and keep their goals and priorities aligned with those of the organization. The most effective team

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Building The Perfect Team … what a Big Tech Company learned!

Charles Duhigg reviewed some new research that reveals the truth about why some work groups thrive and others falter. This research study was conducted by one of the largest Tech companies in Silicon Valley. However, in this post I am

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OK, The Meeting Is Over … what did we resolve?

Decisions are worthless without commitments. A commitment does not guarantee success or completion of a particular task or goal, but it is significantly more reliable than merely making a decision regarding an issue. Let’s step back for minute and ask

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