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Become a Networking Master

Jon Levy may not be a Wall Street billionaire or hotshot advertising executive, but over the past five years, he’s built the Influencers, a network of over 400 interesting and impressive people that includes everyone from Nobel laureates to Olympic

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Performance Appraisals … Get Ready!

The formal performance appraisal process should take a minimum of time and effort. Typically they are completed annually and the same form or rating is used for multiple purposes; compensation, career planning, promotion, transfer, training and development, discipline, downsizing or

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Negotiate … but wait, I have principles

Whenever possible, collaboration is the best approach. It has the greatest chance of satisfying each party and, therefore, the greatest chance of maintaining the agreements that you reached. The research has produced a form of conflict resolution that is rooted

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Grab Their Attention … early in your presentation!

It’s easy to get butterflies as you prepare for a presentation. The larger the anticipated audience, the more butterflies. One of the dreaded fears is to see audience checking their smart phone, yawning, or simply staring at you. You should

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Coaching … the secret sauce!

As we know, our relationships and success in our careers depend on a number of factors. It is universally accepted that one of the most important people skills is being able to communicate emphatically and effectively. If you are a

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Why are there so many obstacles to change?

In my April 1, 2015 article, “Planning Some Changes …watch for these obstacles!”, we explored several obstacles to successful change, efforts. Here is the BIG question. If we know where to go, why is change so difficult? There are a

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After Hours … I mean after 5 p.m.

Jennifer Cohen published an article entitled, Five Things Incredibly Successful People Do Before 8 a.m. This article suggested some suggestions such as visualizing your day and making your schedule top-heavy. But there is another outside of work window that is

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