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Time to move onScott Dobroski contributed an article for CBS Money Watch entitled, The Top 11 Jobs in America for 2016. These jobs were found in technology, healthcare, and business fields and estimated salaries in the six-figure range. Many of the top jobs are in demand across a wide variety of industries, which explains why so many openings are available. Even though these jobs are in high demand across America’s industries, many of them require specific education and experience.

I am sharing the top five (5) categories, but you can read the original article here.

1. Analytics Managers – Analytics managers analyze data for their companies, creating new strategies for increasing revenue and efficiencies. This job also requires familiarity with analytics software, programming skills and a degree in a STEM-related field, such as math or computer science.

2. Audit Managers – Audit Managers monitor company policies, procedures and internal controls, often overseeing issues such as vendor payments and payrolls. These jobs require a background in accounting or finance, such as a bachelor’s degree in accounting, as well as experience with public accounting.

3. Software Engineers – This field is broad, given that companies across the country are looking for talented workers with the skills to program software, whether that’s in languages like C++ or scripting in Python. Candidates must prove their expertise and talent with coding, which usually means a college degree in computer science or related field and programming experience.

4. Product Managers – Product Managers oversee development of a tech product, which can range from a mobile game to crowd-funding websites. While a tech-related college degree may not be necessary, these jobs often require experience with programming and web-related applications.

5. Physician Assistants – Physician Assistants are medical professionals who are licensed to practice and prescribe medicine, and they work everywhere from hospitals to physicians’ offices. Becoming a PA requires completion of coursework in accordance with the American Academy of Physician Assistants and certification and a state license.

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