Thinking about Interviewing for a New Job?

Three Common Interview QuestionsIArnie Fertig wrote an article entitled, How to Tackle 3 Common Interview Questions for US News and World Report. I thought that his perspective was extremely helpful because he asks the reader to be mindful of the prospective employer’s concerns and how to address them. If you would like you can read the original article here.

Here is my take.

1. Salary Expectations – This is a tough question, but it may not be about quoting a specific number. The interviewer or employer is trying to determine if your requirements will be compatible with the position and the departmental budget. It is best to say that your current salary is in a range between X and Y. You should then pivot to the value that you bring to the organization and a clear understanding of the responsibilities and realistic compensation.

2. Your Strengths– Don’t be too modest. The employer is looking for strengths that align with tasks that the successful candidate must fulfill. Based on you understanding of the job requirements, tailor your response to your accomplishments and skills exercised in your last position by using action words such as: analyzed, improved, revised, saved, etc.

3. How did you learn of this opening? – Try to formulate a compelling that includes that you are seeking a challenging position and that you are motivated to seek this position rather than some others that may be open and available. Employers are constantly looking for motivated employees and the lowest acquisition cost. If you happen to know someone at the company, you should say that the position, as described, seemed right for you as far as required skills and motivation. Plus, to believe that you would have an opportunity to improve and advance your skills and make more effective contributions. Let the interviewer know that you researched the company’s products or services and felt compelled to apply.

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