Is It Time To Move On?

Time to move onAt some point in everyone’s career, we question if it’s time to move on?

Of course, most of us have been frustrated and perhaps entertained that thought. Now I will go out on a limb as suggest that we have also wondered if it is time to get a new car, or sell or renovate the house. Often, when we deal with this question, it may be in connection with a promotion, raise, entrepreneurial or location issues.

However, in this post we will examine some of the potentially negative reasons why we may have pondered this question. I read an article in Inc. Magazine by Jeff Haden entitled, 11 Signs You Definitely Should Quit Your Job Soon.

Five of his eleven (11) points resonated with me as valid and important reasons why a person should consider moving on. You can read the original article here.

Here is my take.

1. Your ideas are disregarded or even ignored – If your ideas are frequently “shot down”, you should consider whether or not you are taken seriously. This is a massively demotivating condition to work within.

2. You are publicly criticized or rebuked – Performance or personality issues should be discussed in private. This is a tremendously negative burden because anyone would wonder when the “hammer will fall” again.

3. Everyone needs some sincere praise and positive feedback – No one wants insincere praise because it is merely flattery and unproductive in a professional context. Everyone deserves to be thanked for a job well done.

4. You hate to go to work – It is probable that most of us have been less than enthusiastic about a situation or project at some point. As Jeff Haden said, “Every job has its downsides but every job should also have some fun moments. Or exciting moments. Or challenging moments. Or some aspect that makes you think, “I’m looking forward to doing that.”

5. You see no future – “Every job should lead to something: hopefully a promotion, but if not, the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities or learn new things, tackle new challenges.”

I agree with Jeff that “money isn’t everything, but if you have to work, you want that work to pay off to the greatest extent possible.” And, find an opportunity where you can make a difference.

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James E. McClain is the author of Successful Career Development: A Game Plan, the book upon which some of our training programs are based. He has over 30 years' experience as a corporate HR executive, small business owner with ongoing experience in career development and as a college instructor. His educational background includes a B.S. and Masters degrees Education and Certification in Financial Planning. Our promise is that "you can pay more for training but you can not buy better training." The mission is to deliver the most effective and cost effective training and development programs.

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