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Dealing with CONFLICT … like a play?

At times, many of us have said in our professional relations, “I am tired of playing these games.” The conflicts or differences that prompted that feeling, may not be that far off. There is actual research, the Pondy model of

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Be Careful What You Say… or write!

A malapropism (also called a “malaprop”) is the use of an incorrect word in place of a word with a similar sound which often results in a nonsensical, often humorous utterance. An example is this statement attributed to baseball player

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Don’t Let Your Business Drive You Nuts!

Michael Hess, a contributor to CBS MoneyWatch published an article entitled, How to Cope When Business Is Driving You Nuts. Irrespective of our business or profession, there are times and situations that cause colossal headaches. All of us spend our

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3 Obstacles to Successful Change

If we know where to go, why is change so difficult? There are a variety of obstacles that companies may need to overcome and that may hinder their efforts to achieve successful change. These hurdles are as diverse as the

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Thinking About Changing Careers?

Scott Dobroski contributed an article for CBS Money Watch entitled, The Top 11 Jobs in America for 2016. These jobs were found in technology, healthcare, and business fields and estimated salaries in the six-figure range. Many of the top jobs

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Change … or transformation

Now, you are leading a change or transformation effort. The strategic efforts are very important to your department and organization. It’s strategic. You can’t afford to fail. BIG question: Is this going to work? Here is a list of likely

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Thinking about Interviewing for a New Job?

Arnie Fertig wrote an article entitled, How to Tackle 3 Common Interview Questions for US News and World Report. I thought that his perspective was extremely helpful because he asks the reader to be mindful of the prospective employer’s concerns

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