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Happy Holidays … but, get ready for 2016!

I am taking this opportunity to thank the readers and followers of The Training Shelf Newsletter. As the holiday season approaches, I am offering a reminder to our readers to get ready, with a bang, for the new year. The

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Promotion to Leadership

It is my sincerest hope that 2016 will be the beginning for many of my readers to make an upward move in their career. There are many sources of information and training on the subject of leadership and management. I

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My Customers Want What?

No matter what your product or service is, you must understand and internalize this aspect of customer behavior: If they have a positive experience, they will probably tell you about it, but if it is negative they will explode on

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Conflict Resolution … open vs closed!

If negotiation is the open approach to conflict resolution, politics is clearly the closed approach. It’s such a secret that many people in organizations refuse to discuss the political tactics they have employed. My working definition of politics is “Organizational

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Resolve Interpersonal Conflicts

A team leader cannot change a person’s personality or basic values. These fundamental traits and deep-seated beliefs. Nevertheless, it is possible for a team leader to help associates modify the behavioral consequences of their personality and values. Let’s examine two

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Burnout … or just tired?

Steven Brennan wrote an article for the Business Insider entitled, 13 questions to ask yourself to find out if you’re burnt out at work. At some point almost everyone has at least asked themselves, if they were burnt out. The

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This Shopping Season … cast a spell with these!

The shopping season is upon us. There will be more customer contact than ever, which means an opportunity to not only help our customers but to enthrall them. Each of us should be reminded that customers can now buy almost

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