People Decide 9 Things … within seconds!

Career DevelopmentDrake Baer wrote an article for Business Insider entitled, Science Says People Decide These 9 Things within Seconds of Meeting You. Psychologists call this technique or judgement “thin slicing.” By the same token, you decide some of the same things about people you meet within moments as well.

I found that five (5) of reactions or findings resonated with me, but you can read the original article here.

Trustworthiness – Princeton University researchers developed their findings by giving one group of university students 100 milliseconds to rate the attractiveness, competence, likeability, aggressiveness, and trustworthiness of actors’ faces. Members of another group were able to take as long as they wanted. While other traits differed depending on time spent looking, trustworthiness was basically the same.

Status – Similarly, a Dutch study found that people wearing name-brand clothes were seen as higher status than folks wearing non-designer clothes. The researchers said that “perceptions did not differ on any of the other dimensions that might affect the outcome of social interactions.”

Intelligence – A 2007 study led by Loyola Marymount University professor Nora A. Murphy found that looking your conversation partner in the eye was huge for your perceived smartness. “Looking while speaking was a key behavior,” she wrote. “It significantly correlated with IQ, was successfully manipulated by impression-managing targets, and contributed to higher perceived intelligence ratings.”

Dominance – A University of Pennsylvania study found that “men with shaved heads were rated as more dominant than similar men with full heads of hair,” and that “men whose hair was digitally removed were perceived as more dominant, taller, and stronger than their authentic selves.”

Success – If you want to look successful, get your business attire tailored. In a British-Turkish study, participants looked at photos of men in tailored versus off-the-peg suits for just five seconds, with the guys in tailored suits rated as more successful. “On the evidence of this study it appears men may be advised to purchase clothing that is well‐tailored, as it can positively enhance the image they communicate to others,” the authors wrote.

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