Online Customer Support … 3 Tips!

Customer Problem ResolvedEveryone would agree that, customer satisfaction is a critical aspect of operating any successful business. Even for brick and mortar businesses, an ever larger part of these businesses encounter online issues.

These days, consumers demand instant service. They are annoyed even if they have to wait a few minutes for a customer service representative on the phone. More and more, customers seek assistance from the organization’s website. The risk is that if they are not satisfied, they may berate the company and their service on social media.

Here are three (3) tips that should be helpful.

Third-party Software
It can cost a small fortune to develop a custom in-house customer-support system. And further, smaller companies will need to maintain that software at considerable expense. There are several platforms available that provide great organizational and time-management tools to help deliver excellent customer service. There are companies that welcome smaller organizations and their software is usually full featured with the ability for the client to select the features that are needed. If needs change, usually a new feature can be turned on and work seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions
A well organized and updated FAQ page will help to eliminate many of the common questions before they create problems in your support channels. This can include warranty information, return and exchange policies, installation tutorials and any other common question pertaining to the product or service that you sell.

You can develop the list of most commonly as questions or issues by asking your staff to create a list of common questions for your approval. The real benefit is that by eliminating common questions will free the support staff to respond to the more urgent issues and requests.

Rapid Response
Consider auto responders. These do not replace personalized service, but may be able to “stop the bleeding.” If you customers have to wait, they are likely to vote with their feet and find another company to do business with. Make sure that your internal policy is to respond as quickly as possible. This is critical because customers ask questions and complain through social media. Make sure there is an email address for customers to contact to help you avoid the possibility of a viral screed about your company and service.

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