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5 Workplace Survival Strategies!

All of us want to be a contributing member to our team and organization. However, if we are not careful, we may succumb to lack of motivation which will make our work life difficult. For the most part, we want

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Don’t Hurt Your Chances of Success

Shana Lebowitz wrote an article for the Business Insider entitled, 9 Common Behaviors that Hurt Your Chances of Success. The source of the behaviors was the Quora thread, “Which personality traits often lead to failure?” (The link works best with

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Pareto Principle …The 80-20 Rule!

We all have tough days at work when we just can’t seem to get it all done. All of us feel that we should be able to get our work done without feeling overwhelmed and eventually experience some physical health

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People Decide 9 Things … within seconds!

Drake Baer wrote an article for Business Insider entitled, Science Says People Decide These 9 Things within Seconds of Meeting You. Psychologists call this technique or judgement “thin slicing.” By the same token, you decide some of the same things

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Online Customer Support … 3 Tips!

Everyone would agree that, customer satisfaction is a critical aspect of operating any successful business. Even for brick and mortar businesses, an ever larger part of these businesses encounter online issues. These days, consumers demand instant service. They are annoyed

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People Use 8 Small Things … to judge your personality!

Sharon Lebowitz wrote an article for the Business Insider entitled, People use 8 Small Things … to judge your personality. Instantly, when people meet someone they begin to “size each other up” while looking for signs of qualities like honesty

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When Jeff Bezos of Amazon Speaks … I LISTEN!

Jillian D’Onfro wrote an article for the Business Insider entitled, 17 quotes that show how Jeff Bezos turned Amazon into a $200 billion company over 20 years. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, has built a company with a

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