Habits and Skills… that will help you 5 years from now!

Career DevelopmentWhat can you do today to help out your future self? Drake Baer in an article for the Business Insider, entitled, 21 Habits to Start Today that Will Help you in 5 Years referred to a Quora Thread that originally addressed to a 23-year-old physics student but could be applicable to everybody. Nine (9) items from the list resonated with me, but you can read the original article.

Here is my list of 9 items:

1. Enhance your public speaking skills. It’s scary. Even Warren Buffett used to throw up before giving a speech. But it’s crucial: As you advance in your career, you’re going to need to address groups of people again and again. So you might as well get good at it.
2. Learn some programming. Computers aren’t going away in the future. So being able to communicate with them is a very good idea, for you career and otherwise.
3. Listen to podcasts. They let you learn without using any extra time. So when you’re toiling away at chores or stuck in traffic, you can be learning about a staggeringly broad range of topics.
4. Pick up an athletic hobby that you can do through the years. Otherwise, the sedentary lifestyle you start in college — and continue into the office — will do awful things to your posture, back, and gut. It’s your job to prevent that from happening.
5. Learn to listen well. People love to talk about themselves, so cultivate the ability to let them do that.
6. Manage your time. Life is composed of days, days of hours, hours of minutes. And you only get so many in a lifetime.
7. Diversify your experiences. The broader your life experiences, the more creative your ideas and the better you can relate to people.
8. Save money. Put a little bit away with each paycheck, and do it automatically so you don’t miss it.
9. Set minimum goals. Read 15 pages a day, do 20 pushups, floss one tooth. This way you can break gigantic projects into day-sized tasks.

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