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Team BuildingJacqueline Smith published an article in the Business Insider describing the results of a survey to determine some of the most annoying coworkers. She listed eighteen (18) annoying behaviors, some of which were obnoxious, rude, and offensive. Of course, everyone will have a different reaction and coping strategy for each of these behaviors.

As I studied the list of 18 behaviors, I decided to check off the top five annoyances from my corporate experience. However, if you want to read the original article, entitled, 18 types of coworkers you absolutely can’t stand, click on the link.

OK, here are my top 5:

1. Blabbermouths – Office and personal phone calls (especially with significant others), music, and repetitive noises can easily drive anyone nuts. “Consider approaching the noise offender privately, using as much diplomacy as you can muster,” says Taylor. “You also have several defensive moves: wearing headsets; putting up a “quiet zone” sign as needed; and remember to take breaks. (And make sure you assess your own chatter meter before you approach others.)

2. Whiners – “Whiners can make you feel as if you’re traveling into a famous country western song about love or projects lost,” says Taylor. “But that shouldn’t impact your determination in setting boundaries.” Negative reinforcement can come in many forms. Starting with the positive approach, try: “Well, look at the bright side. XYZ could happen.” It’s not your job to uplift your fellow workers, but if the dynamic is out of hand, you might have to be more direct about your need to stay upbeat.

3. Drama kings and queens – Every office occurrence is a disaster — a screenplay ready to be written. “They will likely want to drag you into the latest catastrophe, but beyond speaking rational, common sense to them, you’re best served to bide time by explaining your need to meet a deadline or make a call,” Taylor says. “You can always excuse yourself and or make an exit for the break room.”

4. Know-it-alls – You’ll be tempted to roll your eyes, but the know-it-all is looking for attention, so don’t! “If you don’t offer it, they’ll try the next victim, giving you your needed space,” says Taylor. “Remember not to take their behavior personally.”

5. Brownnosers – The chatter here isn’t always directed at you, but the kiss-up barometer can easily boost your body temperature if within earshot. “Here’s where body language can go far,” Taylor says. “You can try politely turning around as if there’s a distraction, signaling that you’re trying to work.”

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