Robots Could … take these jobs!

Robots OnlyKathleen Elkins , a writer for the Business Insider, says that machines are being engineered to be “smarter” and more efficient. They are also starting to take over both blue-collar and white-collar jobs. NPR concluded that that a number of jobs stand a chance of being automated within the next 20 years.

To make their projections, the experts scored jobs across 21 fields on nine possible traits, the four most important being: cleverness, negotiation, helping others, and squeezing into small spaces. While the researchers admitted that these percentages are rough, the data offers insights into what the future may look like. You can read the full guide here.

Of the 20 jobs that were studied, six (6) of them resonated with me, but here is the original article.

1. Bookkeepers – Bookkeepers have a 97.6% chance of being automated. The Wall Street Journal reported that big companies such as Pilot Travel, Verizon, and GameStop, among others, are using software to automate corporate bookkeeping tasks. These companies now only need about 10 clerks to pay suppliers, as opposed to the 80 or so they would need without the robot bookkeepers.

2. Credit Analysts – Credit analysts have a 97.9% chance of being automated. Automating the process of analyzing credit data and financial statements, and preparing reports with credit information, could result in a lower degree of risk.

3. Procurement Clerks – Procurement clerks have a 98% chance of being automated. It is now very simple for machines to place orders with suppliers for materials and services. Also, ordering over the internet — or “e-procurement” — will result in a decline of these jobs.

4. Tellers – Tellers have a 98.3% chance of being automated. Chances are you haven’t used a human bank teller in a while. ATMs can provide most of the services that tellers offer.

5. Loan Officers – Loan officers have a 98.4% chance of being automated. A Bloomberg article reported that inroads are already being made at Daric Inc., an online peer-to-peer lender. The company has replaced all loan officers with an algorithm that identifies safe borrowers.

6. Tax Preparers – Tax preparers have a 98.7% chance of being automated. Automating the process of preparing tax returns could result in much fewer errors, and the technology, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), already exists.

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