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Leadership Styles … around the world!

Gus Lubin, executive editor of the Business Insider wrote an article about the fact that different cultures have radically different leadership styles. We are now inexorably connected to the global economy so it is helpful to have some idea how

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Mark Zuckerberg Says … READ these books!

Richard Feloni wrote an article for the Business Insider about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’ New Year’s resolutions. Zuckerberg decided that he would read a book every two weeks, focusing on different cultures, beliefs, histories, and technologies. He also said that,

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5 Networking Insights for Conferences … or any other venue

Vicki Salemi contributed an article to US News & World Report wherein she shared five tips for “working” a conference. She suggests that you “go into the conference focused on making three quality connections, rather meeting dozens of people you’ll

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11 Rules for Achieving Success

Brent Gleason, a former Navy SEAL wrote an article in Inc. Magazine, entitled 11 rules for achieving success. As a motivational speaker, he says that most of what he presents in keynote presentations is based on principles he learned in

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Annoying Coworkers!!!

Jacqueline Smith published an article in the Business Insider describing the results of a survey to determine some of the most annoying coworkers. She listed eighteen (18) annoying behaviors, some of which were obnoxious, rude, and offensive. Of course, everyone

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Handling Annoying Team Members

In most cases, it’s best to speak directly with the team member who is annoying you. When it comes to our careers, we do not exist on an island. One of the most critical skills any professional can possess is

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Presentation Skills … No More Sweaty Palms!

We have all had a few “butterflies” in the stomach before a presentation. I think that it is natural. These feeling before a presentation have been described as creative apprehension, but it can still cause anxiety. There are many techniques

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