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Get RichAntonia Farzan, in her article for the Business Insider, 12 online courses to take if you want to get rich, that books are not the only option. You have choices, including the chance to take online courses from some of the best universities in the world. From understanding the stock market to developing negotiation skills, she selected some of the best classes for anyone who is looking to grow their wealth.

First, I must acknowledge that I am NOT rich, but I read books and listened to audiotapes to improve my knowledge base in many of these areas. Back in my day, the rage was “Correspondence Courses” and returning to graduate school. I certainly believe that these online courses will help any professional, but five (5) of the twelve resonated with me.

You can read the original article that contain some additional links and photographs.

Here is my top 5:

1. Figure out how to decode the books. After learning how to read the three most common financial statements — income statements, balance sheets, and cash-flow statements — you’ll develop an understanding of how to make smart decisions based on what those reports tell you.

2. Negotiate everything from prices to salaries. Negotiation can save you money when it comes time for a large purchase — or help you earn more when you ask for a promotion or seek out a new career opportunity. This course covers the four steps of the negotiation process, and gives you opportunities to practice your skills in real life.

3. Understand how the world’s financial markets work. Yale’s renowned class on financial markets includes visits from guest speakers like Hank Greenberg and Carl Icahn. Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll learn the history and theory behind banking, insurance, securities, futures, and the derivatives market, and where these institutions are headed in the next century.

4. Become fluent in the language of finance. How do analysts, CFOs, and investors make their decisions? This corporate finance class will teach you how to use tools like Microsoft Excel to review data and evaluate financial statements. You’ll also learn the basics of accounting principles, and how you can apply them to measure the value of potential investments.

5. Get the most out of your time. What if you could work fewer hours in the day, but make more money? This class is dedicated to teaching you time-management techniques that will make you more productive.

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