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Is Prospecting for Sales People Only … NO!

You hear the word or term “prospecting” and you probably think of salespeople cold-calling on the phone or by email or heading to Alaska for dig for gold. On the other hand, anyone in business or a profession should prospect.

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Difficult Situations or Conversations … are you prepared?

Confucius said, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” His view is that we have to experience something ourselves in order to really understand it. Here is one way to get ready.

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Is your Team Energized and Engaged …at work?

A writer, Stephen Lynch, for the Business Insider cited an article that he read in the New York Times by Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project. Tony is the author of The Power of Full Engagement. In the NYT

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Did I Make Myself Clear? … DISC might help!

All of us have encountered a business or professional associate, with whom, we just could not effectively communicate. There could be plausible reasons because you and the other person may possess different emotional styles. This is where the DISC system

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Successful People … what they wished they knew at 22!

The Business Insider published an article entitled, What 12 Super-Successful People Wish They Knew At 22. At that age, most of us had just graduated from college and starting the long career adventure. There are probably a few things you

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Who Said That? … it may be worth noting!

Almost every formal talk or presentation that we attend begins with a quote to set the stage and tone desired by the speaker. If you have made a presentation, you may have begun with a quote as well. As I

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9 FIXES … for your customer service!

A new buzz word for excellent customer service is “Wow” service. This kind of service has been defined as “customer service that you don’t give a second thought to.” Here are a few tips: 1. Relax the Profit Mentality Everyone

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