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Reading Time … 6 time management tips!

Shane Parrish says that “I leave between two to four hours a day that are unplanned. In other words, schedule time that is unscheduled.” Possibly, this strategy could leave more time for you to do more productive reading. Anne Dillard,

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pressure, Pressure, PRESSURE … 5 Coping Techniques!

Every business or organization is constantly under pressure to be more effective, provide better customer service, increase profits, increase subscriptions or readership and much more. In reality if you’re not being urged to move forward, you or your organization is

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Customer Service Issues … Here are 3 of them!

Every business or organization will have issues with customer service from time to time. As always the question is, how and what should you say during the interaction? In my Customer Service Course, I offer numerous suggestions as to how

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Conflict Resolution … here’s how!

I revisited some interesting research on Conflict-resolution Strategies during my preparations to respond to an inquiry. The research was originally published by Kenneth W. Thomas in the article, “Toward Multidimensional Values in Teaching: The Example of Conflict Behaviors. A group

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efficiency … or Effectiveness?

In businesses or organizations, failure to worship efficiency is tantamount to criticizing “motherhood and apple pie.” Actually, I believe in efficiency because it represents an ideal that we value. However, in this article, I will highlight effectiveness. One of the

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Seven Ways to Ensure Excellent Customer Service

“We are what we repeatedly do, therefore, Excellence is not an act but a habit” – Artistole Are companies like Amazon, Uber and Starbucks permanently setting a high bar for all product and service providers? Another question; Are customer service

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7 Ways to Screw-up Your Team

The worst things that a manager can do to (or for) their teams are to take actions that lead to decreased performance, a slump in engagement and increased turnover. This must be true because the most common reason individuals give

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