Reading Time … 6 time management tips!

Time ManagementShane Parrish says that “I leave between two to four hours a day that are unplanned. In other words, schedule time that is unscheduled.”

Possibly, this strategy could leave more time for you to do more productive reading. Anne Dillard, in The Writing Life, says that, “A schedule defends from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days. “

Shane Parrish offers eight of the things that she does to create some time for productive reading.

1. Leave some part of your day, to the extent possible, in chunks.
2. The size of your chunks may vary, but 90 minute chunks are a good place to start.
3. If possible, this 90 minute chunk should be within a period of usually unscheduled time.
4. It may be possible for you to multitask, particularly on routine phone calls, while you do other urgent but possibly unimportant tasks.
5. Create a rule that, if uninterested, you will stop reading a book after 50 pages, for example. Put it back on the shelf or donate the book.
6. Add friction to how you can be contacted.

Shane says that she limits the people who can get her attention. Depending on the nature of your business, I suggest that you will want to evaluate this technique carefully. She also asks people to keep email documents to one page.

It is worthwhile to examine what works for others. Of course, their situation may be entirely different than yours. Although I recommend reading articles on time management, not every technique will work for everyone. If I read an article that offers ten recommendations, and I adopt or try one of them, over time I can build a large resource if time management techniques for me.

If time management is an important issue for you, keep a time log for a week to get a consolidated analysis of how you actually spend your time. You may be surprised with the results.

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James E. McClain is the author of Successful Career Development: A Game Plan, the book upon which some of our training programs are based. He has over 30 years' experience as a corporate HR executive, small business owner with ongoing experience in career development and as a college instructor. His educational background includes a B.S. and Masters degrees Education and Certification in Financial Planning. Our promise is that "you can pay more for training but you can not buy better training." The mission is to deliver the most effective and cost effective training and development programs.

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