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time waits for no one … Not Even YOU!

The popular age old proverb says, “Time and tide wait for none”. Very often we find ourselves saying, “Wish I had few more hours”. This pining for extra hours displays our inefficiency to make the best use of the given

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You Said … What?

If you want to build a successful professional career or business you have to learn how to say no. You have to say no to employees, you have to say no to suppliers and you even have to learn how

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Introvert or Extrovert … that is the question?

No one is a pure introvert or extrovert. However, every workplace has representatives of each personality type, and there are a few fundamental differences between the two that affect how they interact with their colleagues. Introverts tend to keep to

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Read 50 Books … in 5 minutes!

The Business Insider published a very interesting article entitled, 50 Popular Business Books Summarized In One Sentence Each, by Drake Baer and Mike Nudelman. Warren Buffett is said to spend much of his day reading. Here is a way to

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Reading Time … 6 time management tips!

Shane Parrish says that “I leave between two to four hours a day that are unplanned. In other words, schedule time that is unscheduled.” Possibly, this strategy could leave more time for you to do more productive reading. Anne Dillard,

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Negotiating … know your power!

Most people associate the word ‘power’ with one side exerting dominance over the other. Let’s define power as, the ability to influence people or situations. Using this definition, power is neither good nor bad. It is the abuse of power

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Presentation Skills … manage your Q and A!

  Usually, the final section of your presentation is the question and answer section. While you have made an excellent presentation, here is another opportunity to leave your audience with a favorable and lasting impression. In a certain sense, handling

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