Reach Out … creatively!

Outreach TargetsAs Charles Barlely’s book title says, “I May be Wrong, but I Doubt it. I believe that Outreach Targets (OTs) need creative solutions to the challenges they face in their business or profession. More specifically they need your creativity. ”One of these creative outreach techniques may work for you. When you select one to try, it may not work with every attempt to reach every OT. So don’t give up! One of theses ideas may spark an even better idea of your own.

1) Consider leveraging a funny day of the week as “Thank God It’s Friday”, as a fun excuse for you to reach out to a non-responsive OT!
2) Make a humorous Top 10 List as to why an OT who hasn’t returned your call would want to do business with YOU!
3) Create a poster with your OTs name in the design. Example: “Need to get to (Your OT’s Name) Office.”
4) Send a giant cookie to your OT from your bakery and have them write, “I want to take a bite out of your business.” For a newly acquired client, send a cookie with, “Thanks for letting me take a bite out of your business.”
5) Send a Telegram
6) Send a personalized singing email.
7) Send some customized M & Ms.
8) Send a lottery ticket with a note that reads “Why gamble on (fill in your product or service).” When you call to follow-up have some fun and ask them if they won!
9) A two-step approach: Leave a voice mail that you will be in the area on (date) and will stop by with some things of value and to say a quick hello. Take a gift bag and fill it with some company info, a pen with your logo, a pad, your business card and present bag of goodies. If your OT is not in, leave it with the administrator and say you will call back.
10) Purchase a prepaid cell phones, send it to your OT and offer a date and time you will be call them on it.
11) Hand address the next letter to your OT and it have a higher probability of getting opened.
12) Next time you are rejected on the phone, but you at least had a friendly conversation, send a handwritten thank you. You obviously won’t win a creativity awards, but you will stand out simply because hardly anyone does this!
13) Sales Leadership: Send a note to your entire sales organization asking for at least 2-3 creative door openers. Compile a list of all the new ideas and send them to everyone.
14) Call the wrong extension and ask for your contact. Once they tell you that you have the wrong extension, ask to be transferred. Transferred calls look different on the caller ID than typical calls and you might just get through.
15) Use your smart phone to shoot a quick introduction of yourself and address your OT by name. Tell them a specific day and time you will call to set an appointment. You may be able to combine this with some other creative ideas.
16) Shoot that same video as a private YouTube video and email it to your OT.
17) Add this phrase to any correspondence to your OT, “(name) If you think I’m working hard to get your business, you are 100% right. Think about how hard I’ll work to keep your business!”

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James E. McClain is the author of Successful Career Development: A Game Plan, the book upon which some of our training programs are based. He has over 30 years' experience as a corporate HR executive, small business owner with ongoing experience in career development and as a college instructor. His educational background includes a B.S. and Masters degrees Education and Certification in Financial Planning. Our promise is that "you can pay more for training but you can not buy better training." The mission is to deliver the most effective and cost effective training and development programs.

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