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Resilience … how to bounce back!

Resilience is the ability to remain productive, engaged and calm while experiencing pressure or adversity. Life is full of lessons and helps us to learn something about ourselves, particularly in difficult times. For some, the lesson is reassuring and they

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Bad Body Language … could cost you deals!

Numerous business people fail to read nonverbal messages of their counterparts, mainly because they’re not paying enough attention. They simply overlook crucial signs. Negotiation experts typically advise us to meet with our counterparts in person whenever possible rather than relying

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Truth Telling … is very hard!

It’s harder to tell the truth than to tell people what they want to hear. The truth is that results are difficult to produce, they’re more expensive than you think, and that the change is going to be difficult and

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Persuasion … the leader’s best tool!

Leaders have to be great salespeople to lead effectively. The reason? Because true leadership is based on persuasion and not force (with one exception we’ll get to later). Leadership isn’t a position on an organizational chart. An organization chart contains

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Manager … the first day!

If you’re new to managing, the skills that served you well up to this point are probably insufficient to ensure successful management of your team. Managing people requires an entirely different set of skills and behaviors. Here are the five

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A Job Description … for creativity?

Could you write a job description for creativity? Sometime in the 1980s, I read some research that identified several traits that are associated with creative people. A creative person may not possess all of these traits, but the more they

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Negotiations … it’s all in the planning!

Like almost everything in life… if you want to feel in control of the situation, you need to be prepared. Inexperienced or naive negotiators believe that being prepared means ‘knowing what they want’ out of the negotiations, which generally implies

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