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SIX Ways to Create More Time

One area that I research, lack of time that is also known as time management.  There seemingly are not enough hours in the day, or at least that’s what we may believe. I have concluded that being mindful and tracking

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Decision Making Styles … Not My Way or …

I explored some interesting research when I was developing a Decision Making Course in my role as the Director of Human Resources. The Leadership Management Development Center, Inc. published a report, that was quite easy to understand, yet it was

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Interviewing … Egads!!

Interviewing skills are important in any business or professional organization. Most team leaders will find that a part of their responsibilities is to be involved in the hiring process for their organizations. One concept is clarity. If you are not

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Get Your Work Done … Just Do It!!

If you feel like there’s never enough time in the day to get everything on your to-do list done and you’re regularly plagued by the sense that important items are going undone, you probably need to change the way you’re

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SWOT Analysis … No Tanks or Commandos

A strategic plan helps you to determine if your goals and plans make business sense with an honest assessment of your capabilities in the current environment. The SWOT analysis was devised by Albert Humphries, of Stanford Research Institute (now SRI

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Givers Matchers and Takers

When there is a task or project to be undertaken at work, are you the one who volunteers to manage it or help out … even if it is not your responsibility and you won’t receive additional benefits or compensation?

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Socrates … Oh Oh!

You can relax. Asking questions was the principal method of the famous Greek philosopher, Socrates. The essence of selling is based on questioning customers and prospects to learn their needs. Socrates used questions for teaching and to stimulate critical thinking,

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