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Recruiters Not Impressed with …

I read some research written by Alida Moore of that shows that in today’s competitive job market, it is important to develop skills that will make your resume stand out. But some of the job skills that might have

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When Was The Last Time We Spoke?

All of us have clients who rely very heavily on text messages for some of their business communications. It’s fast when you need to send a quick note and need a quick response. Email definitely has merits because it allows

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Drucker Technique for Making Better Business Decisions

Peter F. Drucker has advised some of the greatest business leaders of the last century but he never told them what to do. There’s no question but that Peter Drucker was a genius, and he left behind thousands of genius-like

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Free At Last … Free At Last …To Publish

Do you remember when you had to go to Hollywood or the Sunset Strip and wait for someone to make you a star? You also needed some “gatekeeper” to validate you and to give you permission to succeed. Well, today,

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5 Imperatives For Workplace Innovation

Competition, caused by technology and globalization, means that someone somewhere is grinding away to make a product or create a service just like yours. The main difference is that it will be less expensive, better looking, and faster. So what

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Watch Out For Two Important Effects !!

Many factors contribute to the level of an employee’s performance including your company culture, the employee’s life experiences, education, family support and relationships with co-workers. However, positive supervision is one of the key factors that keep good employees on the

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5 Email Time Savers That Increase Productivity

When used correctly, email can be a productivity tool – it can allow you to manage the flow of information that comes at you more efficiently, field requests at the times most convenient for you, and store records of important

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